Rafik Romaney | General Manager


I have 17 years’ experience in the travel and tourism industry and had the privilege to work both locally and abroad. I lived and worked in Cape Town, Gauteng and Dubai. As the General Manager of Tripos Travel, I am privileged to work with some very experienced and passionate people who are dedicated to ensuring that each client’s needs are met or exceeded. I am also privileged to have travelled extensively and the old adage that there is no better education than travel, rings true. It is also true that there is no better way to have fun and experience a new adventure! My love for travel is what led me to a career in helping other people experience the joys of exploring new places and cultures. It is something I look forward to everyday.

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104   |   Mobile: +27 83 303 9998   |   Email: rafik@tripostravel.co.za

Mark Cromhout | Operations Manager


My love for travel is what motivated me to join the industry 23 years ago. I have a passion for exploring new places and experiencing new destinations. My bucket list is half completed already, managing to tick off 43 countries and 30 of the 50 States in America so far! I focussed on Leisure travel at 1st, sending people to all the places I wanted to see and some that I had already visited. I now do a balance between corporate and leisure bookings. I enjoy working with clients and fellow staff members to ensure a great travel experience is had by all. In addition to consulting, I am also the Operations Manager at Tripos Travel where I lead our team of highly trained and experienced travel professionals to provide an unforgettable experience to our clients. Away from work, I am an outdoors lover and enjoy hiking and mountain climbing whenever I get the chance. I also enjoy running most weekends and completed a few road races!

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104 xt 208  |  Mobile: +27 83 630 0683  |  Email: mark@tripostravel.co.za

Irene Millar | Sales Manager


I started in the Travel Industry 22 years ago with the Automobile Association, planning and issuing documents for overland trips through South Africa and the rest of Africa. I built a strong client base over the years which has allowed me the opportunity to live and work as an independent Travel Consultant in South Africa, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Although Travel is my career it is also one of my favourite hobbies. I love exploring and experiencing new cultures. My strength lies in Leisure travel, not only finding the best deal but designing detailed and complex tailor made itineraries to suit individual passengers’ requirements. This is what I focus on at Tripos Travel. Aside from travel, I am an avid reader and regularly frequent the local library. I have also written several short stories for a local South African publication. I love to cook and entertain and my home is often the hub for a good party!

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104 xt 226  |  Mobile: +27 71 575 6121  |  Email: irene@tripostravel.co.za

Ingrid Carelse | Tours Manager


I am married with 2 wonderful children. I have been part of the Tripos family since 1997. My journey at Tripos Travel started at Reception and in 1999, I completed my Galileo course and assisted with issuing of domestic tickets. A year later, an opportunity opened in the Inbound Tours division, which I was happy to accept. I have been enjoying my time here ever since. The Tours division primarily served the incoming French and UK markets. I gradually started developing my own programmes for clients and progressed to manage the day to day running of the office. Today we service clients from all over the world, tailor making packages to meet their needs. In 2008 we started promoting and selling travel packages to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, the 4th biggest music festival in the world & the largest in Africa. I always enjoy return business and this gives me a sense of satisfaction that my services rendered have met or exceeded my clients’ expectations. This client satisfaction is what keeps me motivated in my job.  

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104  |  Mobile: +27 83 411 3850  |  Email: ingrid@tripostravel.co.za

Janet van Tubbergh | Senior Consultant


I have been working in the industry since 1999.  I started off in Youth Travel, then onto Leisure and now I concentrate largely on corporate travel. At Tripos Travel I manage one of the company’s biggest accounts as well as other medium sized corporate accounts. I also have some leisure clients that have been with me some since I started in Travel.  I have been lucky enough to travel overseas extensively. I have been to America, the Caribbean, The Far East and other parts of Africa. I was privileged to live in London for 2½ years and I travelled often to other parts of Europe from there.  The reason I decided to choose travel as my career, is because I LOVE everything associated with travel and make a point of travelling regularly.  The nice part about this career in leisure travel is helping people make their dreams come true! Outside of travel I am very much a boere meisie. I love Afrikaans music and going to live shows that showcase Afrikaans music.  Like all South Africans, I like a good braai with good friends, and rugby or cricket on the side.

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104 xt 225  |  Mobile: +27 83 630 0683  |  Email: janet@tripostravel.co.za

Janice Knoll | Senior Consultant


I started out in travel as a receptionist to Tripos Travel and assisted with filing and debtors/creditors in the accounting   office. Within that same year, I qualified as a consultant and worked as a junior in the leisure travel sector and assisted senior staff members with domestic and international travel. By 1995 I was responsible for the full spectrum of travel requirements for both corporate and leisure clients. In 2008, I took up the role of HR & Training Manager and also responsible for the assessment, monitoring and implementation of office operations. I was responsible for the Annual Training Plan and the implementation thereof, monitoring of staff development, co-ordinate staff issues, complaints and grievances. Currently, I am back in a consulting role and as a Senior Consultant dealing with both corporate and leisure travellers. I manage the training and mentorship of interns and new staff and assist our tours department with airfares and the planning of events. I am loyal, hard-working, resilient and flexible and I am sensitive to the needs of others – part of the reason why my clients love me.

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104 xt 211  |  Mobile: +27 083 303 9998  |  Email: janice@tripostravel.co.za

Lucille Armstrong | Junior Consultant


When I was younger I wanted to be a chef but God had other plans for me. I never pictured myself as a travel consultant but as I did research on Travel and Tourism courses, I became interested and wanted to give it a try.  I enrolled for a 1-year course and achieved the distinction of being the best academic student in my class. I then started off as a trainee consultant at a travel agency in Sea Point.  I joined Tripos Travel in 2014 and as the youngest in the office, I had to learn to grow up quickly. I had to start thinking on my feet because that is what a good travel consultant does. My current role in the company is to process bookings offline as well as online using the Amadeus E- travel manager booking portal. I am currently being trained to do regional and international bookings. An important skill that I have learnt at Tripos is paying attention to detail and not to overlook any information the client gives you.

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104 xt 207  |  Mobile: +27 83 630 0683  |  Email: lucille@tripostravel.co.za

Viwe Arudiwe | Intermediate Consultant


I started out in travel as an intern in 2008. I have worked in Corporate Travel, Leisure Travel and in the Airline Industry. Corporate Travel is where my heart is, from booking that flight, to making those changes when meetings finish early to ensuring that my travellers have seamless and hassle free travel. I’m easy to work with and I’m a team player. I currently work as an Intermediate consultant, I book domestic flights, International flights, cars, hotels, conferences, visas, cruises and any travel request.  My speciality is dealing with conferences and events and in this area, I have grown so much within Tripos. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and a good laugh. I have travelled to Dubai and to Nigeria and have many more destinations on my list, especially the rest of Africa that I am especially keen to visit.

Tel: + 27 21 462 6104 xt 206  |  Mobile: +27  83 630 0683  |  Email: viwe@tripostravel.co.za

Yvonne Daniels | Office Assistant


I have worked for Tripos Travel for 8 years and have enjoyed every minute. My job is to make sure that all is in order in the office and that clients experience a comfortable and warm environment when they visit our premises. I enjoy working with people and being part of the Tripos Travel team. I take pride in my work and enjoy new challenges and learning new things. I have recently started assisting with administrative duties to help the back office. I have 4 children, 3 of my own and a foster child. In my spare time I go to Church and spend quality time with my family.  The love of travel runs in the family – my daughter is currently studying to be a travel consultant!

Ra-ees Abrahams | Financial Manager


I am a qualified CA (SA), and I joined Tripos Travel after completing my articles at Grant Thornton. I have extensive experience in both retail and service industries and am passionate about improving business processes to ensure that we work as efficiently as possible. I spend considerable time looking for ways to improve the client’s experience and looking for ways to pass on cost savings to the client. On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my family and I love nature.

Tel: + 27 (0)21 462 6104 xt 201  |  Email: ra-ees@tripostravel.co.za

Fatima Siers | Creditors Clerk


I am married with four wonderful children.  I started in the Travel Industry in January 1991 as a back office assistance. Currently, I am responsible for Creditors at Tripos Travel and I pride myself on being accurate and thorough in my role. I spend my spare time doing Community work, I enjoy cooking and baking for family and friends and spending quality time with my family.  As a family, we share a love and appreciation for our beautiful City of Cape Town and we spend our spare time enjoying it.  

Tel: + 27 (0)21 462 6104